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Commercial Property for Rent in Kolkata

Commercial Property for Rent in Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal and one of the major metropolitan cities of India. It is administratively located in Kolkata district. Kolkata is the second largest metropolis and fifth largest port in India. It is a major transport hub, an extensive market distribution center, an education center, an industrial center and a business center.


Commercial property

Commercial properties are used for non-residential purposes like hotels, business, office, retail, public facilities, industries, etc. This property will be used to run businesses. The owner can use the property by himself for business or rent it out partially or fully to the tenants.


A great starting point for investigating property for sale in Kolkata is through identifying a neighborhood or locality of interest and deep-diving into various other criteria that can affect your purchase price as well as return on investment.

The location of the property is of utmost importance. This will be a major consideration for those looking to lease the property. A commercial property at a prime location in Kolkata will be an obvious choice for retail or office use. Besides, it is easier to get loans for projects in prime locations. On the flip side, investing in a micro-market may not be a wise decision as there can be extended periods of vacancy.

Benefits of a Commercial Property

Return on Investment

The return on investment is higher compared to residential properties since commercial properties will usually be located in prime locations.

Lower maintenance cost

The amenities provided are less compared to residential properties, hence the maintenance cost is less.

Qualified tenants

The tenants of the commercial property tend to respect the buildings since they are backed up by larger companies.

Electricity rates

Although both the properties use electricity from the same source, the rates differ for both residential and commercial properties. Some businesses purchase electricity in bulk for their operations and get some tax benefits in their bill.

Warehousing in Kolkata

Warehousing plays an integral part in the supply chain and directly affects everything from managing inventory to delivering orders to your end customers.

Over the years, specialized fulfillment services have emerged as a result of improvements in warehousing practices and technological advancements. These services handle everything from picking manufactured goods at your factory, storing them in a warehouse, and shipping them to your customers.

Demand of Godown for lease

A warehouse for rent is a place used for the storage or accumulation of goods. It may also be defined as an establishment that assumes responsibility for the safe custody of goods. Warehouses for leaseenable the businessmen to carry on production throughout the year and to sell their products, whenever there is adequate demand.Mostly demand of Godown for rent locations in Kolkata areHowrah,Dhulagor,Thakurpukur,Dankuni, Jangalpur, Mumbai highway etc.


Of course, choosing a warehouse or a commercial property for your business is not without its challenges. Hopefully, the factors we shared in this article will help you find a storage space that best fits your requirements.