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Commercial Shop for Rent in Muzaffarpur

Commercial Shop for Rent in Muzaffarpur - Retail space for rent in Muzaffarpur

Muzaffarpur is fourth most populous city in Bihar. Muzaffarpur is a city it’s located in Bihar. Muzaffarpur founded in 1875. The city was founded by Muzaffar Khan in the 18th century. Muzaffarpur is famous for Lychee and is known as the Lychee Kingdom. And litchi are exported to big cities of India like Mumbai, Kolkata even to other countries. It is the trade centre between Patna (south) and Nepal (north).Rice and sugar miling and cutlery is the chief manufacturing industry. 


Warehouse for rent in Muzaffarpur

Warehouse for rent available at these places Rohua, Athardah, Shahbazour, Bairia, Paigmber, Koluna, Majhaulia. These place big and small warehouses available. The kind of warehouse the company wants can be found here. Big parking space and fully secure place. Pre engineering building structure and 8 to 10 feet boundary wall surround warehouse. Warehousing done is in Shed and RCC. Centre height is 35 to 45 feet and docks is  4 feet. Warehouse for rent is 14 sq ft to 40 sq ft. Muzaffarpur is a very good place for the warehouse for lease because it’s a trade centre of Patna (south)and Nepal (north).


Showroom for rent

Showroom for rent available at these places Mithanpura, Ahiyapur, and Marwan. These are posh very area in Muzaffarpur so these area is good for the showroom purpose. Good parking space. Area of showroom for rent is 520 square feet to 10,000square feet and rent is 30 to 77 square feet.


Commerical property for rent

Commerical property for rent available at these places Malighat, Sadatpur, Motipur, Sikandarpur, Mithanpura, Ahiyapur, Koluna, and Rohua. The demand for commercial property is increasing day by day because new companies are being formed, so they also need commercial property. And Muzaffarpur may increase the need for commercial property because Muzaffarpur is a trade center between Patna (south) and Nepal (north).



Muzaffarpur junction railway station is main railway station .Muzaffarpur is well connected to major cities Hajipur, Patna, Bhagalpur, Gaya, Begusarai, Bettiah, Motihari and Darbhanga. It also connects Muzaffarpur to many metropolitan cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

As above these lines are very useful for the that person who is interested in business like warehouse service and investing in commerical property so as above these lines are helpful and provide the service for the warehouse for the rent .