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Commercial Property for Rent in Vadodara East

Commercial Property for Rent in Vadodara East

Vadodara, formerly known as Baroda, is right now one of the hottest investment destinations in Gujarat. The commercial capital of the state Vadodara is seeing investors from across the country and is quite popular among NRIs too.

Vadodara enjoys seamless connectivity with the rest of the state, and the Ahmedabad-Vadodara highway is considered as one of the best highways in India. It’s less than six hours from Mumbai, the financial capital of India, making it a great choice for corporations looking to set up a second office.

Comprehending the Market Drivers

A strong economy stands as a pillar of support for commercial property investment to bear requisite fruit. Poor business confidence paired with sluggish economic growth might cause the demand for economic property to decrease. Thus, you need to be aware of market drivers and government policies to stay abreast of risk factors as much as possible. Industry stalwarts hold the view that your demand forcommercial property might be dampened by rising interest rates as rent and cost of finance becomes heavier on one’s pocket. It is thus advisable to Buy shop in Vadodara in a low-interest rate environment rendering adequate support to both borrowing and property.

Dynamic Industries and Fast-Growing Infrastructure

Vadodara has always been an industrial town with several industries across sectors - 

Ø Food processing and agro-based industries

Ø Mineral mining, quarrying

Ø Engineering and chemicals

Ø Forestry and allied industries

Ø Dairy and related industries

Ø Plastics and textiles

Office space and warehouses

If you are planning to invest in an office space in Vadodara, you have made a great choice as you can buy and rent the property and enjoy maximum returns on the property. Also, investing in a warehouse is a good choice as both office spaces and warehouses generally have triple net leases. This means that your tenant will be responsible for paying the rent, maintaining and repairing the building, insuring the property and paying the taxes of the real estate. As a matter of investment, nothing can be better than this option

Enhanced Connectivity

Vadodara is geographically blessed. It’s one of the biggest business hubs in Gujarat and is well connected by road and rail to other metros in the state like Surat and Ahmedabad. Vadodara is under six-hour’s drive away from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, making it a great choice for a second office for some of the biggest national and international corporations. The Ahmedabad – Vadodara highway is impeccably laid and is considered one of the best road segments in India.


However, over the course of time, the trends in buying commercial property have been changed. Now, even the middle and lower section of the society are active participants in purchasing new properties. Considering this, there's been a considerable rise in the construction of commercial property for sale in Vadodara.