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Showroom for Rent in Thane

Showroom for Rent in Thane

Thane is now considered to be one of the top places to invest in Mumbai majorly because of the connectivity developments in this city. Thane is no longer called the Satellite city of Maharashtra. It is blessed with excellent connectivity to major parts of Mumbai and it goes without saying that the development in physical and civic infrastructure is increasing the demand for commercial property in this city.Here are some points to consider while choosing commercial property in Thane.

What is Commercial property?

Commercial properties are used for non-residential purposes like hotels, business, office, retail, public facilities, industries, etc. This property will be used to run businesses. The owner can use the property by himself for business or rent it out partially or fully to the tenants.

Types of Commercial Properties

Office buildings - This includes small professional office buildings, single-tenant buildings, downtown skyscrapers, etc.

Retail buildings - This includes small shopping centres, grocery stores, power centres, restaurants, etc.

Multi-family buildings - This includes high-rise apartment buildings or complexes.

Land - This includes raw, undeveloped, or underdeveloped land which will be commercialized in the near future.

Miscellaneous - This includes all other commercial buildings including hospitality, self-storage developments, medical, and many more.

Emerging Commercial Hubs

Thane is the newly rising commercial hub of Mumbai. This is because- Advanced infrastructure projects such as Navi Mumbai International Airport.

 The economic activities in this regions have been scaled over the last few years and expected to continue this trend.

There will be a high demand for office spaces, retail shops in , Thane with rising MNCs, IT, Manufacturing, chemical, warehouses and finance sectors in the region.

There is an increase in the affordable residential housing development in these regions and hence pushed the commercial real estate sector.

With the more demand for commercial space in the region along with the advanced infrastructure projects, these locations are perfect for investment in commercial property in Mumbai.


Growth For Every segment

The three main commercial property segments are Office, Retail, and Warehousing. For Mumbai, there is considerable demand for all three commercial segments with promising growth avenues.


Commercial property in a favorable location bolsters the reputation of a firm which in turn increases the visibility of the firm to its clients, partners, and other businesses. The capital appreciation of a prime office property in Thane is reflected on a company's balance sheet. Owning a good commercial property is better for corporation potential and returns on investment.