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Specialised Warehouse for Rent in Agra 

Agra especially famous for tourist places like Tajmahal, Agra fort & Fatehpur sikari all of which are UNESCO world heritage site. It is connected to Delhi via the Yamuna expressway & to Lucknow via the Agra Lucknow expressway.

Renting a warehouse is a strategic business decision as the storage of produced goods and raw material. Modern time requires modern solution that’s why we provide the service in a modern way. We offer wide range of storage options for your business in Agra. When looking for a Specialized Warehouse for Rent in Agra , keep in mind that there is a variation in prices with different types of warehouses so consider what type of warehouse is available and which location is best for your business.


Agra is a city it’s located in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. After independence Agra has developed into an industrial town with a booming tourism industry, leather industry. Agra is a developing place in Warehouse for Rent in Agra business and day by day warehouse demand increasing because many start up’s are coming in the market and many warehouse owner take interest for constructing the warehouse.


What types of warehouses do these companies prefer and how can owners make their warehouses more valuable?

Most of the companies prefer PEB structure warehouse and pharma (medical) related companies prefer RCC warehouse and companies look for some basic things in the warehouse such as-

1. Fire NOC

2. Dock height

3. Center height

4. Parking space

5. Approach road

These are the basic and important points on which companies focus more. Therefore, if the owner takes care of these above things in the construction of his warehouse, then he can easily rent the warehouse.

There are many locations in Agra which are famous for warehouse business such as –

1.  Sikandra

2.  Rambagh

3.  Transport nagar

4.  Foundry Nagar


1. Sikandra: Do you need help for finding the godown for near in Agra? Then you have come to the right place because we have best inventory for this place. You can search the Warehouse for lease in Agra our portal We will try to provide you the best warehouse service in Agra.  Sikandra is a famous location for the warehouse. This is perfect location if any company wants to take the godwon for lease in Agra any owner wants to invest in Agra so sikandra is the good place. Small to large warehouses ranging from 1,000 sq. ft. to 50,000 sq. ft.etc.are available at this location.The rent for this place is Rs 16 per sq. ft. to Rs 20 per sq. ft. This location is nearby highway so this is suitable for the company as well as owner.


2. Rambagh: Are you desperately searching for warehouse storage near Agra? So Warehousewale offers various possibilities if you need a warehouse for lease in Agra. We also offer a smart lease option, which provides a simple & transparent letting process with straightforward terms so whether you are looking for a Specialized Warehouse for Rent in Agra you can find it on Warehousewale offers a clever business storage solution to anyone in need of small/big warehouse space for the authentic price gurantee. Rambagh is a famous area for the warehouse purposes in Agra.

Warehouses range start form 1,000 sq. ft. to 1,00,000 sq. ft. etc. and the warehouse rent ranges from Rs 16per sq. ft. to Rs 18 per sq. ft. Warehouses of many companies are available at this location so if any company wants to take a warehouse then Rambagh is also a good place as it is near the highway and transport facility is available.


3Transport nagar: If you are looking suitable commercial realestate, business space, godown for rent in Agra then you can visit the Almost you guys are at the right place. We have authentic & suitable data of warehouse. We are working in Built to suit warehouse and ready to move warehouse. As we know that transport nagar is a very famous location in Agra for warehouse. Most of the companies prefer transport nagar location has many features like –

·       Parking space

·       Good approach road

·       Electricity connection is easily available

·       Near to city

·       Good availability of transporters and laborers

·       There is no labour union and transport union at this location


Mostly RCC warehouse are available in transport nagar. Warehouse sizes start from 2,000 sq. ft. to 20,000 sq. ft. and the rent is Rs 20 per sq. ft. to Rs 22 per sq. ft. Here floor wise warehouses are available because many owners construct the ground floor & many owners construct till basement, first second floor but companies prefer ground floor more.

 4. Foundry Nagar: Unique and quality warehouse for rent near me on our portal and you can visit our site and see the inventory. Foundry nagar is a locality situated in Agra. You can get more authentic & filtered database from our site. This location is good for godwon in Agra because many features are there such as –

·       Near by highway

·       Good approach road

·       Nearby city

·       Nearest to railway station

·       Nearest to airport

·       Good transport facility

Many companies have warehouses available in foundry nagar. Small and big warehouses are available here. Estimated warehouse size available from 5,000 sq. ft. to 1,00,000 sq. ft. Rent starts from Rs 18 per sq. ft. to Rs 20 per sq. ft.Both RCC and shed structure godowns are available at this location. If any owner wants to invest in Agra then he can keep this place also as an option.


Our service :

Warehousewale provide rental service to the warehouse owners as well as companies. Initially we will elaborate about the services provided to the companies. As per the requirements of the company we provide the proposal in PPT with authentic and accurate details and company shortlist the proposal then according to company schedule we plan warehouse visit after this. After this the company finalizes any site, and then we proceed with the process. We are working past 10 years in this sector so we have lots of clients and we try to provide best customer and deal to the owner. Any client get latest detail regarding warehouse business then client can visit us our channel also