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Warehouse rent Vijaywada-

Vijaywada city is situated on the banks of Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh; this city is full of temples and caves. Located in the east central part of Andhra Pradesh Vijayawada is named after Vijaya Devi Vijayawada's population is around seven lakhs Due to the remains of Prophet Muhammad, this city is considered quite sacred for Muslims. There is a huge statue of Lord Mercury in Vijayawada.

Apart from all these features, the warehousing industry is also developing in Vijayawada. Here the demand for Godown for rent and build to suit warehouse is always there for rent.

If you talk about warehouse for rent near me here, ready to move warehouse from 5,000 square feet to 5, 00, 00 square feet is available for rent here. And speaking of build to suit warehouse is available for rent ranging from 20,000 sq ft to 5, 00,000 sq ft here.

The old structure warehouses in Vijayawada were available on rent long ago, but now new model warehouse for rent are also being built which are also called PEB structures. Talking about the warehouse rent in Vijayawada, the old structure warehouse rent ranges from 10 rupees to 13 rupees per square fit.

And warehouse space for rent built in PEB structure which has very good height of warehouse which has a large parking area, their rates range from 15 rupees to 18 rupees square feet. What are those rents in Vijayawada, what is his rent, what is his area, let's understand.


Kanuru is next to Vijayawada in Krishna district it is also an education center .There are lots of options available for warehouse for rent near me and build to suit warehouse. Here the size of the warehouse for lease will be rented from 5000 square feet to 30,000 square feet.

Auto Nagar

Jawahar Auto Nagar falls in the eastern side of Vijayawada It is also called Jawaharlal Nehru Auto Nagar Industrial Area. Around RCC warehousing are available for rent in Auto Nagar. Size of Godown on rent near me in Auto Nagar is available for rent from 5,000 Square feet to 20,000 Square feet.


Surmapalli also comes in the Krishna District
In Surmapalli, ready to move warehouse of build to suit warehouse option is available
Speaking of
warehouse space for rent near me in Surmapalli, the rent here ranges from 13 rupees to 16 rupees per square feet.


Mangalagiri Town is of Guntur District the town is situated between Mangalagiri and Guntur Deistic. Both commercial warehouse for rent and build to suit warehouse are also available for rent here. Warehouse rent here ranges from 12 rupees to15 Rupees on square fit.



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