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Warehouse space for rent In Lucknow


Warehouse Space for Rent in Lucknow   -

If you are looking for a Warehouse Storage Space for Rent in Lucknow  then can help you in this. As you know, after GST, the demand for the warehouse is very big.

The main warehousing hub is at Kanpur Road Bijnor Road and Memora Road. After Transport Nagar Lucknow, who is the area developer of warehousing, Bijnor Road and Memora Road have predominantly.

Warehouses are currently being built on Memora The road around 8 to 10 Many logistics companies are planning warehouses on e-commerce companies Kanpur Road. Companies like Amazon Flipkart, Udaan Shop Kirana is expanding its space on Kanpur Road. Demand for nearly 10, 00,000 square feet warehouse in 2020 21 is in Lucknow and may increase further.

Faizabad Road and Sitapur Road are not having such good warehousing but companies like Udaan and Shopkirna have their warehouses here. A lot of pants companies are looking for more big warehouses because of the increase in sales of Ecommerce companies of FMCG companies in Lucknow, now the PEB structure's warehouses are being built mostly because its demand is more.

Warehouse on Raebareli Road in Lucknow is not in such demand The Warehouse Rental is the highest in the Nadarganj Industrial  area as it falls right in front of the airport. After the formation of Kisan Path in Lucknow, there has been connectivity from all four sides. After the formation of Kisan Path in Lucknow, there has been connectivity from all four sides.

Mohan Road is also developing as a warehousing hub and there is a DHL warehouse After GST, Lucknow is developing as North Hub which is a very good thing. Currently, 300000 square feet built in Built to suit Warehouse is under construction and it will increase in the coming time because now people are becoming aware of it.

So if you are searching on warehouse rent or Godown for rent then you can contact the person we have been doing warehousing leasing for last 10 years. We have a very good and experienced team that has been working with us for years.



Warehouse Area

  Warehouse Location

Warehouse Rent



Bijnor Road Lucknow

17 Rupees



Transport Nagar Lucknow

18 Rupees



Nadrganj Lucknow

20 Rupees



Memora Road Lucknow

16 Rupees



Sitapur Road Lucknow

15 Rupees



Faizabad Road Lucknow

16 Rupees


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