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Warehouse, Godown for Rent Near Me In Lucknow


Warehouse, Godown for Rent Near Me In Lucknow -

Warehousing is a booming sector in Lucknow real estate market. Many PEB (pre-engineering building) warehouse, covered lakh of square feet of area in Lucknow, the agricultural land converted Godown for Rent Near Me in Lucknow, Bijnor road, Memora road, Mohan Road, and along the Sitapur Road.

The warehousing expert Warehousewale asserts that this area, like Kanpur road and Bijnor road has emerged as one of the largest warehousings hubs across the Lucknow.

About 10% of the entire investment in the real estate Lucknow since 2018 has been planed in Warehousing sector, says warehouse industry experts  Warehousewale.

As per experts view, they say that some slowdown in plot selling segment and some support for the new government have brought in more investors to Warehouse/Godown in Lucknow sector, who earlier were more interested in selling residential plot converted to warehousing segment.

 Why warehousing in Kanpur road?: -

There are so many reasons for Kanpur Road is in Lucknow emerging as a warehousing hub, a logistic services and investor company and individuals investor.

Lucknow is one of the biggest consumer areas in the Uttar Pardesh with a dense population and most companies want to be serving to the consumer fast. The area is strategically located along the Agra expressway which is the busiest highway of in Uttar Pradesh with mostly of freight on trucks going through this road  say by Warehousewale.

Completion of the Hardoi road and Raibaely road will further give an advantage to this Lucknow warehouse hub as entire Uttar Pradesh, including Kanpur, Faizabad, Basti, Brabanki, and Gorakhpur could be served from warehouses located in Lucknow area.


Why warehousing in Lucknow ?:

The almost 75% of grade A and grade B warehousing stock of about 10 million square feet in Lucknow has come up in Lucknow Kanpur Highway.

The boom has also been the growth of large E-commerce companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, Wal-Mart and others. And also the FMCG Company must also get some credit as they grow in their push to cut on inventory, cost-cutting warehousing the segment, and make distribution more efficient after the implementation of GST.

List of New Warehouse in Lucknow

1. 50000 new warehouse for rent is Bijnor road

2. 100000 new warehouse for rent  Memora road

3. 100000 new warehouse for rent is Amusi airport

4. 25000 new warehouse for rent is Mohan road

5. 22000 new warehouse for rent is Sitapur road

6.10000 new warehouse for rent  is Deva road 



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