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Warehouse/Godown for Rent In Gurgaon


Warehouse/Godown for Rent In Gurgaon  Rental Warehouse

Gurgaon is a part of Delhi NCR the city adjoining Delhi is and it is the second largest populous city of Haryana the population of Gurgaon is around nine lakhs.

The history of Gurgaon is linked to the Mahabharata.Yudhishthira gave this village to Dronacharya during the Mahabharata period, since then it was named Gurugram.Many companies have head offices in Gurgaon and have a lot of industrial activity.

Gurgaon is a major name in the warehousing industry in India. Almost all companies have warehouses in Gurgaon. After GST, warehouse demand in Gurgaon has increased very fast Whether it is Warehouse Rent Gurgaon or built-in suit warehouse for rent So let's understand what the warehouse industry is in Gurgaon There are mainly five warehousing hubs in Gurgaon. Let's try to understand them.

Warehouse rent in Patudi Road:

Pataudi is a town in Gurugram it takes just 30 minutes to go from Gurugram to Pataudi.Pataudi assembly constituency is also of Gurgaon .

Warehousing hubs have developed very fast here due to their proximity to Gurugram.Pataudi has a large range of Warehouse lease in Patudi road and build to suit Warehouse rent in pataudi road has large warehouses ranging from 10,000 square feet to 2,00,000 square feet.

And to talk about ready to move warehouse rent, here is warehouse rent from 15 rupees to 20 rupees square feet. Both Grade A and Grade B warehouses are available in Pataudi Road.

Sohana Road:

Sohana Road is located on the Gurgaon to Alwar highway.Sohna Municipal Committee is of Gurgaon district if you are looking for a ready to move warehouse rental on Sohna Road then this information is for you.

The size of Godown forrent in Sohana road ranges from 10,000 to 200000 square feet. And speaking of rent, here the square feet rent ranges from 14 rupees to 20 rupees on square fit depending on what kind of warehouse it is.


In the Mahabharata, Bilaspur is named after the sage Ved Vyasa the block head quarter of Yamunanagar. Ready to move and a lot of options are available in build to suit Warehouse rent or Warehouse rent near me in Bilaspur.

Most of the big warehouses here have sizes above 30,000 and up to 5, 00,000 square feet. If you talk about warehouse space for rent, the rent here ranges from 18 rupees to 22 rupees per square feet.

Farukh Nagar:

Farukh Nagar is about 21 to 22 kilometers from Gurgaon. Farukh Nagar is connected with Jhajjar District there are about 9 blocks in Gurgaon, out of which Farrukh Nagar is a municipal block of Gurgaon.

Mostly industrial or manufacturing activity takes place in Farukh Nagar. Warehouse for rent in Farukh nagar and build to suit Warehouse rent in Farukh Nagar are quite good options available in the warehouse. Here you will find warehouses ranging from 10,000 to 5,00,000 square feet on rent. If you talk about the rent, then the warehouse rent in farukh nagar from 18 rupees to 22 rupees per square feet here.


Manesar is a town in Gurgaon.It has a manufacturing plant of big companies like Maruti Suzuki and Jaguar. In Manesar, you get to see IT Park Educational Institute Office Hotel quite a lot.

Manesar has the most manufacturing unit here too,Warehouse space for rent in Manesar and build to suit Warehouse rent in Manesar options are available. Here the size of ready to move warehouse is available for rent from 10,000 to 50,000 square feet. If you talk about warehouse for Lease, the rent here ranges from 17 rupees to 22 rupees per square feet.

NH 8 Gurgaon:

National Highway 6 lane National Highway 8 is a highway that connects Delhi to Mumbai.Its total length is 1428 km this highway connects many major cities Therefore; warehouse demand is highest on this highway in Gurgaon.

Therefore, warehouse demand is highest on this highway in Gurgaon. Build to suit Warehouse rent on NH8 also has options available for rent if you talk about Warehouse space for rent, here too the rent is from 17 rupees to 21 rupees on Square Fit.

If you are looking for a warehouse in Gurgaon, then do the easiest thing to do is give a call to we promise to give you better service. We have given our warehouse rental service to thousands of clients and are quite satisfied. 



Warehouse Area

Warehouse Location

Rent Per Sq,fit



Patudi Road

19 Rupees



Sohana Road

19 Rupees




18 Rupees



Farukh Nagar

20 Rupees




18 Rupees



NH 8 Gurgaon

18 Rupees



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