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BTS-Build to Suit Warehouse rent in Jaipur


BTS/Build to Suit Warehouse rent in Jaipur-

the entire warehouse hubs in Jaipur are in the Mostly Industrial Area. In these industrial areas, the plot owner converted his old factory which was closed into a warehouse.

But it was a stop-gap solution Because the e-commerce company and the logistics companies completely defined the storage business Therefore, e-commerce companies and logistics companies had demanded that they want a modern warehouse which is in PEB structure and in which the dock is available and height is also good.

That is why companies need Build to suit Warehouse in Jaipur According to their warehouse specification, the companies told the land owner to give us a warehouse according to this specification In which all facilities are available which are available in Grade A Warehouse.

In the last one or one and a half years, new BTS warehouses have been constructed in Jaipur very fast. Were called to build a warehouse according to the warehousing norms created by the Government of India.

Companies signed an agreement with the land owner which provided them with all the amenities such as Fire NOC Commercial Land Use Good warehouse height and dog label 4.5 feet Good warehouse height and Dock Level 4.5 feet land owner also gets interest due to good rent and long-term lease.

In the build to suit warehouse Companies also give land-owners time to build a warehouse for rent and hand over to them.

If you are looking to rent a Build to suit Warehouse or Godown for Rent then can help you we have about 500 inventory of ready-to-move and nearly two hundred inventory of Build to suit Warehouse.

So you do not have to go anywhere. We have accurate information about the warehouse and we have all the photographs available, etc. that give you accurate information. We have been working for Warehouse for rent near me and Build to suit Warehouse Rental since last 10 years


We have a very good experience team that will give you better service, which will save your time and also give you the right information. So you visit the website, here you can post your warehouse inventory or if you are looking for a rented warehouse, then you will find a lot of options here.  


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BTS Warehouse Rent




19 Rupees



Sitapura Ind. area

17 Rupees



Ajmer Road

16 Rupees




16 Rupees




15 Rupees


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